World of Animal Head Shot Glasses

TROVE proudly presents the “World of Animal Head Shot Glasses” a unique collection of artistically sculpted collector glasses that stand securely on their heads.

The metal heads are crafted in a proprietary premium TROVESSE metal alloy that meets the highest international food safety standards. Locked inside the exquisite castings are high quality, imported barware glasses of various shapes and sizes.

Each animal head motif is thoughtfully sculpted to allow the glass to rest on at least three balance points, such as the nose, ears or antlers of the specific animal shape. The animal head glass can be used as drinking glasses, votive holders or simply as awe-inspiring decoration and collector’s item.

The richly detailed expressions of each animal allow the spectator to appreciate the fine balance between the pristine crystal glass which is embraced by the antique-finished TROVESSE casting.

What could be more exhilarating than the experience of drinking your vodka out of the head of a lion or the tusk of an elephant?

TROVE offers you the unique experience of impressing your guests and friends with the “World of Animal Head Shot Glasses”, a unique gift and barware collection that is the “Toast of the Town” and the most sophisticated way to enjoy your favorite drink.

TROVE celebrates the “World of Animal Head Shot Glasses” in a respectful way of the appreciation of nature without bending a hair or a tusk.

Surround yourself with your favorite animals, or a full set of the TROVE Zodiac Collection animals, presented in luxurious presentation boxes that are suitable to mark the memorable festivities in your life.