This electrical rechargeable appliance will allow you to pour cider in the easiest, cleanest and simpler way. With regards to other existing products in the market, our item includes several functions such as a pre-programmed pouring service, and the pouring of any wished quantity. Very stylish, compact and easy to store, it will become indispensable at your home.

Cocktail Set

The “SET”. Complete in detail set of cocktail items for professional “barman”. Includes 5 essential pieces made in the highest quality, all packed in a soft pouch to carry them from party to party. Top Cocktail!

Infrared Digital Thermometer

It uses infrared rays to measure in seconds. Simply point at the liquid and it will inform you about the EXACT temperature of your wine.

Electric Wine Aerator

Simply place it over the bottle and press its button once. In just 30 sec. you could test the wine on its best.

Electric Corkscrew

The “best-seller” turns spectacular! We introduce the electric corkscrew that is completely SWITCHLESS!. Simply by pressing down the corkscrew will automatically start to extract the cork from the bottle.

Aerators & Decanter

It improves the aroma and taste by adding more bouquet. Includes an individual base, a filter and a velvet embroidered bag.

Corkscrew Pressure & Pump

No need to press ANY BUTTON to extract the cork, simply press the corkscrew downwards and it will automatically extract the cork. The set also includes a vacuum pump, 2 stoppers, a rechargeable base and deluxe foil cutter.

Conservative Automatic Wine Stopper

Simply by putting the stopper on the bottle, switch the preserver to the stopper and press the button, it will start to vacuum the whole bottle. Includes rechargeable base and 2 stoppers with date display.

Beer ChillStick

Put the Beer ChillStick in the freezer for some hours, and when you are about to enjoy your beer insert it in your bottle. The gel inside will keep the bottle chilled, while you can drink through its stainless-steel body. Patented design.

Wine ChillStick

An improvement for the original ChillStick. Now available in Stainless Steel, it adds an actual and stylish look to the original model.

Automatic Shaker

A funny electric cocktail shaker to enjoy with your friends. Prepare the ingredients, mix them in the shaker and press the button. You will get your amazing cocktail in seconds. Works with batteries

Vin Bouquet Introduction

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